This page lists some experiments done while trying out new technologies.


Image slider example

Using a javascript library to demonstrate some of the fun image manipulation I did to my images with Luminar 4.

Scrolling to control image frame

Recreating a tutorial where scrolling on the page gives the illusion of changing the background.



On London tube station, I saw this board that used the song titles to form a coherent paragraph. I created this page so that it’s easy to figure out what those songs are. I used Photoshop to demarcate click-able sections of an image and trigger a video play on click.


Shift cipher visual solver

Used JQuery and bootstrap to build a simple UI that brute forces all rotation cipher.

7 min workout POC

Used Ractive js and bulma to build a simple 7 minute workout clone. The idea was to keep track of history in local storage.

< 2017

Collection of recreational puzzles

This is a tiddlywiki notebook with a collection of puzzles that I found over the years.

Base 64 image

Created a simple app to read image data from the clipboard and print out the base64 data of it for copying. Note: This obviously increases the size of the data.

Weather history (Retired)

Used Ractive js, highcharts and bulma to plot graphs comparing weather at a location between two dates. I used Wunderground API which seems deprecated.